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Transforming Underutilized Assets: Turning a Chase Bank Site into a Profitable Convenience Store

GAIN Commercial Real Estate is pushing the boundaries of traditional real estate investments, turning the overlooked into the overachieving. We focus on transforming convenience stores, an area ripe with opportunities for profit and sustainability.

Let's take a recent example of GAIN CRE's forward-thinking approach in action: We acquired a closed Chase Bank property for $1M. Rather than following the conventional path of refurbishing the existing structure, we opted for a creative and profitable route. We demolished the structure and entitled the site for both a convenience store and a Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR).

The innovative solution attracted a 50-year ground lease with British Petroleum (BP), an established player in the convenience store market. With no vertical construction risk involved, this strategic transformation escalated the property value to $2.8M, generating a significant return.

This strategy exemplifies GAIN CRE's unique approach in recognizing and unlocking potential where others might not. By marrying commercial spaces with innovative and profitable transformation strategies, we're able to generate significant returns, as demonstrated with the Chase Bank property.

The success of this project has paved the way for further explorations in this niche. We've identified more locations ripe for this kind of transformation, solidifying the immense potential of this unique strategy. We are now opening up this opportunity to accredited investors who want to partake in such high-reward ventures.

Are you ready to join us in our sustainable real estate revolution? Get in touch today at

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