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Unique Property Listings at GAIN CRE: Merging Sustainability and Success

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

GAIN CRE's diverse portfolio of commercial real estate offerings is more than just properties; they are opportunities for businesses to make a difference. These unique spaces seamlessly blend functionality, location, and innovation with an unwavering commitment to sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) philosophy. Before diving into the listings, it's important to understand why the integration of ESG principles in commercial real estate is so significant.

Why Does ESG Matter?

The integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in commercial real estate serves a dual purpose. First, it addresses the increasing global emphasis on sustainable and responsible business practices, making businesses more attractive to like-minded investors and consumers. Second, it offers tangible benefits such as reduced operational costs through energy efficiency and waste reduction, improved relationships with local communities, and a reputation for ethical business conduct. In this manner, ESG-based real estate investments foster both sustainable and successful business growth. Now, let's take a look at the unique properties that GAIN CRE has to offer, including our ESG-forward listings.

Marley Creek Retail Property: An Ideal Setting for Your Retail Venture

Nestled in the heart of Orland Park, IL, the Marley Creek Retail Property offers a vibrant retail space in a prime location. With units available ranging from 1,250 to 10,101 SF, these properties reside just east of a busy intersection, surrounded by established businesses such as Aldi, McDonald's, Walgreens, PNC, and more. Make your mark in this bustling marketplace while promoting sustainable practices.

Roosevelt Road Retail Land: Develop Your Vision in a Prime Locale

Our Roosevelt Road retail land presents a fantastic opportunity for your vision to materialize. This 0.83-acre plot is not just land, but a launchpad for countless possibilities. Located near the bustling downtown areas of Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, this retail land could be the starting point of your next successful enterprise. It offers prime development opportunities, including ground lease and build-to-suit options, making it a versatile choice for an array of business types. Furthermore, its strategic positioning guarantees a traffic count of more than 40,000 vehicles per day, giving your venture the exposure it needs to thrive.

Burr Ridge Office Space: A Testament to Sustainable Practices

GAIN CRE is proud to present the Burr Ridge Office Space, a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Located near Route 83 and I-55, this property features state-of-the-art solar energy installations and EV charging stations. These amenities, coupled with private entrance office suites, spacious parking, and tenant-controlled utilities, make it a superb choice for companies aiming to adopt greener operations.

Finley Business Center: Where Business Thrives Sustainably

The Finley Business Center, located in Lombard, IL, perfectly aligns business needs with our ESG philosophy. This office property not only offers flexible suite sizes but also includes cutting-edge features like solar energy systems and EV charging stations. The center is located just 1/2 mile from the 4-way interchange for I-355 and I-88, adding a layer of convenience for your team.

These offerings are just a taste of what GAIN CRE can provide. Our team is dedicated to offering properties that are not just beneficial to businesses and investors but also promote a more sustainable future. Our forward-thinking approach aligns perfectly with businesses looking to make a strong commitment to sustainability, environmental impact, and progressive values.

To explore these opportunities in greater detail, reach out to us at Make a statement with your location and take a step towards a more sustainable future with GAIN CRE.

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